Welcome to the Star Sword Chronicle page.
This is a very early placeholder sort of site.
It might be kind of hard to read sometimes. Sorry.

- - - [ I N F O R M A T I O N ] - - -
Star Sword Chronicle is a game that was not originally meant to be released.
It is a game about my innermost feelings over the past few years.
It is a game about my bonds and my struggles to be a better person.
But more than that, it's just a game that has some basis in reality.
There's really nothing to make it a game that can't be played by everyone.

Any resemblance to real people or places is half-intentional, half-coincidental.
Any people represented in this game are represented without permission.
This game does not claim to properly portray any real people or place.
It only contains people representing things within my mind.

- - - [ S T O R Y ] - - -
Sara Leen. Just an ordinary girl in a small town.
But one day, she found something that would send her on an adventure.
An adventure to save the world, but also an adventure in her own heart.
She'll have to overcome the ghosts of her past and recruit old friends to succeed...

- - - [ S C R E E N S H O T S ] - - -

- - - [ D O W N L O A D S ] - - -
Star Sword Chronicle (SVN Patcher Edition)
This is an SVN updater/downloader for SSC.
Unzip it wherever you want the game and run the "runfirst.bat" to download it.
Once downloaded, run the "update.bat" any time to check for updates.
After the download, "Game.exe" will let you play the game.
Requires the RPG Maker XP Runtime Package.