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My Music
I have no idea how I ended up in this mess...
Especially when the results are so terrible!

- Original -
Moonlight (2013 version)
Remade: Jul 12, 2013.
Same old terrible song, remade.
Just as terrible as ever, though.

A Place Called Home -Homecoming-
Composed: Jul 24, 2012.
Arranged version of "Place".
Nothing that special, I guess.

Future Uncertain
Composed: Jun 27, 2012.
I tried some new stuff with this.
It had been months since my last original.
Have times really been that bad? I wonder.
I'm going to keep trying my best.
No matter what.

A Place Called Home
Composed: Feb 20, 2012.
A peaceful song that came to me when I was worried
that I may have run out of musical inspiration.
I guess it's kind of... healing-trance-y?

Alchemical Lab
Composed: Dec 27, 2011.
This one came out of left field one morning.
I wasn't even feeling like practicing at first.
But then suddenly... There it was.

Composed: Dec 18, 2011.
Updated: Dec 24, 2011.
Woofle convinced me to get into music somehow.
It was only the second time I was practicing.
Inspiration struck hard and made me write this.
It's really very amateurish, but...
I guess everyone has to start somewhere.
Pre-update version: Here.

- Arrange -
Red Planet
Remixed: June 29th, 2012.
A remix of the Red Planet BGM from Bucky O'Hare (NES).
It didn't turn out great but I really wanted to remix it.

Remixed: May 19th, 2012.
A remix of the mirror hall BGM from Ancient Ys Vanished.
I know it isn't an amazing remix, but I wanted to do one.